About Olalere Law Office

Olalere Law Office is a professional immigration law firm operated by identical twins, Kehinde Olalere and Taiwo Olalere. Olalere Law Office focuses on helping clients and/or their families realize their dreams of migrating to Canada. We understand your aspirations for a better life, quality health care and excellent education for your loved ones. That is why each case is important to us.

Kehinde Olalere

Kehinde Olalere studied and obtained degrees from well known Canadian universities. In particular, in 1998, he graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Political Science. In June 2003, he graduated from University of Windsor Law School with a Bachelor of Laws degree (LL.B.). After being licensed as a lawyer in 2004, Kehinde Olalere spent about three years working at Canada's immigration department that deals with the processing and issuance of Canadian permanent residence, study visas, work visas, visitor visas and other immigration documents. At this government department, Kehinde started as a delegated Citizenship Officer and Analyst and later became the Manager of Citizenship, Immigration and Settlement with responsibility for a regional office that employs 17 employees including Immigration Officers. In 2007, Kehinde was given an award by Canada's Deputy Minister for Citizenship and Immigration for his valuable contributions to the work of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Kehinde successfully completed various specialized trainings delivered by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and understands how government works. In fact, Kehinde has worked in five Canadian government departments and agencies and is a Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Partner at Olalere Law Office.

Taiwo Olalere

Taiwo Olalere is a highly experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyer and Partner at Olalere Law Office. Like his twin brother, Taiwo graduated with the same educational qualifications from Carleton University and University of Windsor Law School. After being licensed as a lawyer in 2004, he focused most of his time and attention on cases dealing with Canadian Immigration. He has helped numerous persons obtain their Canadian permanent residence, study visas, work visas and visitor visas. In addition, he has resolved a number of complex immigration cases in his clients' favour either through alternative dispute resolution involving the government or through adjudication against the government. Taiwo has also written articles and delivered seminars on Canadian Immigration in Canada and abroad and he is highly respected in the immigration law field. To date, he has helped individuals and families from various countries migrate to Canada and he has also dealt with over 17 Canadian embassies, High Commissions and Consulates around the world. Taiwo has worked in four Canadian government departments and agencies, and is a member of highly respected Canadian professional organization for lawyers.

We believe that your success is our success. Move, settle and prosper in Canada.